How to add real user data to you development file

I have a solution with one development file and then 2 production files (Currently 2 customers). OttoFMS is real neat to publics the dev file to the production file.

But then we get bugs reported, its sometime hard to solve it because of that specially user data don’t exist in the dev file. How should I populate the dev file with real data?

I have think of this as a solution:

  1. Publish (Migrate Dev to Production)
  2. Replace Dev (Production replace Dev)
  3. I now have a Dev file with current data

Is this a good way to work? How do you get the right data into your development file?

That works, but if you have TWO user files then you will only have one of their data in the _dev file, and you need to make sure that you have published to both files before you do the replace.
It might be that you have different user accounts in the dev file so it might be better to do a publish form one client back to the _dev so that you are in control of which end it picks up the user accounts from.

Hello Ronny,

Welcome to the community forum! There’s a great guide on how to do this in the docs!

The way you’re doing it now will work, but if you need to move production data down after you’ve done some development in your dev file its a bit more complex. The guide walks through how to pull down your production file, migration from your dev file into it (to keep the new development), and then replace your dev file with the new version of itself. Its very similar to a staging refresh (combining production data and dev schema into a staging file).

Let me know if you have any questions on how this works!