How to determine a stalled migration?

on one 13gb file I’ve been watching it migrate for well over an hour.

the last entry in Otto is:

== Mapping fields in source table “recipients” to target table “recipients” ==
– Block mode migration for source table “recipients” –

That table is pretty narrow and only 150,000 records.

And the file in the inbox, is now slightly larger than the closed file in the main db folder.

Is there a log somewhere to see state of the process?

Hi Stephen,

A 13gb file could take a long time.

But we have also seen file corruption cause migrations to slow to a crawl.

There is a log, and your looking at the last entry in it.

We are going to add a cancel button.


Ok thanks the dam finally broke and it moved on to the next file. Must practice more patience :wink:


I second the CANCEL button. :wink:

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We will be adding a Cancel button.

Thanks for the feedback