I asked for the deploy to go to a subfolder but it went to the default only

Here is request (file is SVR_AVC)

here it is in default

If you copy the deployment json in the dropdown menu does it have an option for your sub folder? it should appear in the json under fileOperations → location → subFolder


"location": {
            "folder": "default",
            "subFolder": ""

OK, driver error
I had modified the default file options and not the deployment options…
still it hadn’t read through.

Would be helpful to see this information when you review and deploy, as its hidden in an extra menu in the deployment setup

Is it appearing in the dropdown in the review screen? I believe that we have it set up to show there. Each file in that list is an accordion that can be expanded to see the details.

Yes, again didn’t see it…
Can it be open by default then you can close to see screen space???

We will consider this. All feedback is useful! We’re still trying to strike a tricky balance between new and experienced users where the UI needs to appear simple and not overwhelming to new users, without sacrificing the powerful features that advanced users need.

Agreed… now I know, I ‘should’ remember
but trying to approach this testing as a complete newcomer… the down arrow is light grey so easy to miss, and actually not poking everything is about can I just walk up and work out what to do with out reading any help etc…

is it too much to have it open before it is first run? probably.