Immediately / Queued / Abandon

During a migration should I close SimpleQ or let it receive the responses and when the other files are back online it can flush out the queue?

I would imagine the order of priority for each channel would be something like

  • Immediate → Queue [#] or indefinite
  • Immediate → Queue [#] → Abandon
  • Queue [#] → Abandon

The Channel could have two options Queue a set number of times or an explicit duration and in line with a prior feedback preflight logic to auto abandon as there is enough data in the payload to do so.

It wouldn’t be as bad as some web hooks we want to receive if db is offline such as a DocuSign however some web hooks could be sent by the phone system.

When we come backup we’d not want these to flush out the queue of call notificaitons spamming the agents with telephone calls that have long concluded.