Installer Script for Linux!

Hey everyone,

We built this script to help us with installing new versions and thought it would be helpful for you as well!

Current Limitations:

  • Only works on Linux. It will NOT download the ARM installer

What does it do?

  1. Checks if OttoFMS is already installed on the server. If so, uninstall it
  2. Downloads the newest installer (based on the version tag)
  3. Unzips and runs the installer in headless mode (you don’t get any UI prompts)
  4. Cleans up — deletes the installer and zip

To run and get the latest version:

sudo curl -sSL "" | bash

To run and get the beta version:

sudo curl -sSL "" | bash -s -- -v beta

To run and get a specific version:

sudo curl -sSL "" | bash -s -- -v 4.0.1-beta.19

works on ARM if you download it locally, edit the ref to amd, chmod +x and run it… :+1:

Thanks John! I want to add a part in there that can detect your OS and choose the right version automatically, but I don’t have easy access to a linux ARM machine to test this

use lscpu and the first line returned will either be
Architecture: x86_64
Architecture: aarch64

happy to test for you

I have updated the script to include a check for the architecture. Let me know if it works for you!

running uname -m on my arm test server gives aarch64 and not ‘arm’

Hey john,

I updated this script today to recognize aarch64. We have also changed the urls where you can access the script. I have updated the commands above to reflect the new urls.

Let me know if the aarch change works for you!


thanks, will test at next release

Running the script/command for the latest still generates the error:

bash: line 13: syntax error in conditional expression

bash: line 13: syntax error near `-o'

bash: line 13: `if [[ "$MACHINE_ARCH" == "arm"* -o "$MACHINE_ARCH" == "aarch64" ]]; then'
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Oh yeah a syntax error because we’re in [[]] would make sense. I’ve just updated it, should be correct now

This script information has been added to the OttoFMS docs for ease of access going forward: Updating | OttoFMS

Just updated successfully on my ARM test server.
Many thanks