License Activation Not Functioning as Expected

I was running a standard setup for a new FMS machine, but got caught at the activation step after a completely fresh install of both FMS and OttoFMS.
Screenshot of screen in question (license omitted).

I enter the same license key I’ve used for countless other servers, but it just shows the loading icon briefly upon pressing “Activate” and then goes back to not being pressed.
What is this behavior?

Hi Tobias

Sorry that is happening to you. Can you send a screen shot of the Browser developer console after you try activating?

  1. Go to License page
  2. Expose the developer Console ( see below )
  3. try to activate
  4. Capture the screen shot of any errors you see there.

That will help us figure this out.



The “license is not valid” always shows upon a page refresh

The same “Uncaught” error seems to occur no matter the input (license key or junk data).

Did a full purge uninstall, reinstall, and it worked. Something likely broke during installation due to new nameserver settings on my end.
Thank you for your help.

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