Link to FMS Console Static

One thing I enjoyed about Otto v3 was that wherever I was I could with one click open FMS Admin Console in v4 it only appears on the FileMaker Server page.

We may move that to the help links menu in the upper right.

Would that work for you?


sure can you give it a command key shortcut?

it’s in the Cmd+k menu, so if you cmd+k and then type the first couple letters of admin it will let you press enter to get to the console quickly. on my machine I can Cmd+k, type A-D-M, and press enter to get me there. The Cmd+k menu will let you do the ottofms tabs the same way, as well as find specific deployments if you want to serch for them that way.

The FMS Admin link has moved into the help menu in version beta 16, so it should now appear on each of your tabs.
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