Linux FMS 20.3.2 bug that effects OttoFMS


We are tracking a significant bug on the Linux with FileMaker Server 20.3.2, and corrupt files. The bug is in FileMaker server and is not related to OttoFMS, BUT if you are running migrations with FMS linux 20.3.2 with OttoFMS, and if any of your files are corrupt you could run into it.

This is the bug

FileMaker Server Backups with cloneonly and number to keep set to 0, will crash the FileMaker Server if the backups encounter 2 files with corruption.

The symptoms you see with OttoFMS are builds that never end, or migrations that never end. Or the deployment will show as crashed.

We are working to harden OttoFMS to this bug. We will try to pickup and handle the error as best we can, but ultimately the solution is to make sure your files do not have corruption. Use the Verify option, but the only true test is to run a recover on the files and see if they pick up any issues.

Windows and mac do not appear to be effected.



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