Lost lots of my statistics

currently 5 out of 6 are showing

Are they all running 4.0.5?


What happens when you server healthcheck?
TG2024-01-31 at 13.18.18


I clicked the Otto link from deploy and got

{“error”:“Beta period has expired”}


It appears to be some internal disconnect with 4.0.5

I then updated but from the console got ole it could not connect and I needed to do it with new credentials. I did just repost the same AdminAPI key and it started working again…

Stats are showing again now I have added the existing key, but when you click the link to the Otto console from inside Deploy I am still getting the above error message…

Hey John,

We did not remove the beta flag in OttoFMS until version 4.0.6. The beta period was scheduled to expire at the end of January, which is why you are getting that message today. That version also contains an important security fix, so we recommend updating all of your servers to 4.0.6. Thank you!


Both servers in the list in Deploy are on 4.0.6 though… I have updated this evening though, is there something cached??

just removed the server from Deploy, added it again, it can see that it is 4.0.6, but still the link produces the error

There may be something cached in your browser, you could try clearing your cache for the site. I updated a couple of servers that had the same issue with the beta period earlier today and the error stopped appearing.

Does the same error appear if you try to go to /otto without linking out from OttoDeploy?


No, all good from there…

And this is from Deploy, so technically not a browser that I can clear cache fro,

The beta period thing didn’t get removed until 4.0.6. We forgot about it. :slight_smile:

So if your servers where running 4.0.5 that would cause everything you are seeing.


This issue appears to be resolved… presumably not using the token while crossing an ocean means it has had to do a total refresh, and whatever was cached is now updated…

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