Make build with out Build name

I was able to create a build without a main title, inconstant with other areas.

Hey Stephen,

The build name in OttoDeploy is primarily an organizational tool, unlike deployments where it is the identifier in OttoFMS. the builds use the build ID as the identifier, but we figured it would be nice to have the option to give them a more human readable identifier that wasn’t necessarily tied to a specific version of your build.

I’ve been thinking about builds in OttoDeploy more as build templates than anything else. So I might create a build for a specific project and name it “Kyle’s Project”. However, the build ID is a file name and needs to be more unique, maybe its going to change every time I make a new “release” of my application, so it will be kyle_project_1.2.3 or something. when I make kyle_project_1.2.4 I want to keep a readable name in OttoDeploy that isn’t changing.

However, to your point, sometimes I don’t care about tracking the build for a long time and I just want to make something that I can run really quick. Since the build name is nothing other than an organizational tool its not required, I can just add some files and a build ID then kick it off. I understand where you’re coming from, it is inconsistent from the deployments, but its inconsistent for a reason! Does that make sense?


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yea that makes sense!