Migrate the rest of them anyway option

This may not be an original request, but It’s something that I’ve been wanting to ask about: An option to migrate all the files that successfully migrated, but then just notify me of the failures, so I can try again. An example workflow for this might just be moving/migrating a mass of files to a new server. One of those files has some bad info in it (or like in our case a bunch of functional corruption that needed to be weeded out), and the entire sub deployment fails. :frowning: This causes much sadness and frustration. It would be great if, instead of cancelling the entire sub deployment for the one file, you could say, “Keep all successful migrations.” This would be awesome when dealing with big files.

By the way, I’ve been pushing our migration testing by defining max memory, and max concurrencies and everything has been going well.

Hey Fred,

Thanks for the feedback! it makes a lot of sense for your use case, we’re going to look at getting the option to allow partially successful deployments. It would likely be a sub-deployment level setting. It likely will take a bit to put together, it will require some new functionality and handling and logging since it will not be a discrete success or fail. We’ll take a look!


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