Migrating Builds - why do we have to add a file?

I really appreciate the ability to create builds with version numbers but:

  • When I create a deployment with a build - why do I have to specify additional file(s)?
  • Should I not be able to just specify if I want to install or migrate or replace the files of the build on the target server?

The Build selection List also does not include the build name, just the number. That could lead to confusion if more than 1 solution is stored on a server

Hello Tobias,

Builds can be thought of as a snapshot of your files at a point in time. The deployment setup has you select files from your build since you may not want to migrate all of the files in the build. if you made a build that has 5 files and you only want to migrate 3 of them it gives you the ability to do that. I will also call out that the file select window has a select all button if you want to choose all of the files from your build.

As for the note about the name and the number, the “Name” in OttoDeploy is simply to identify the build in OttoDeploy. we use the “Build ID” to create file names wherever the build is being built or sent. I would recommend making your Build ID a combination of a name and version number, something like “ottodeploy-1.0.0” or similar. The idea with the name in OttoDeploy was that you could make a “Version OttoDeploy” build and then increment the Build ID each time you needed to version the file, without having to build an entirely new build in OttoDeploy.

Does that answer your questions?


Thanks, that clarifies it!

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