Migration of one file kicks user out of entire system?

This may be intentional but wanted to check…

We were doing testing and had the solution open. I created a new deployment for just one file to replace the file on the server. (even did a round to do a quick migration)

It closed the file as first order of business even before it created or fetched the build.

The user experience was they got a message to close the file, then just moments later the file did close. then they got a message that they were kicked from the entire solution even though all other files remained open.

I would think that the operation could be better if:

  1. Request Build
  2. Fetch Build
  3. wait / delay
  4. Close Files on Server once received.
  5. Migrate / Install
  6. Open Files

As it is now the user is kicked out for the duration of the file transfer and migration.

Hi Stephen,

We will look at this. But I am not sure it will get a very high priority.

I get your point. But most deployments to production involve JIT clones or prebuilt packages, neither of which have significant build and fetch times. Otto has always followed this same order.