Minor text and date formatting inconsistencies in Otto FMS Deployments Page

In version 4.0.6 there are the following inconsistencies in text and date formatting.

On the deployment list the timestamp is shown as in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM A. Either 24 hour formatting should be used or 12 hour with AM/PM.

On the deployment detail page with timestamp for started is displayed in ISO format making it not very human readable. This is also inconsistent with the formatting on the list view.

The message statues text has inconsistent casing. Some messages such as “deployment queued” are lower case but some status’s such as “Sending just in time build request to source server” start with a capital letter.

Also the duration times have an inconsistent number of decimal places. It would be better to have the round values padded with the same number digits i.e. if it is showing three decimal places for seconds for “00:01.153” it should also show “00:00.100” not “00:00.1” as shown.

Thanks Gabe, We appreciate the feedback.


In version 4.1.0, the times on the deployment table and in the deployment details page have been updated to use your locale formatting. Timezone is included in the deployment details page. Thanks for the feedback Gabe!


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