More Failed Builds & Deployments

different project I setup a build it ran took a long time started to deploy - estimate in transfer time nearly 6 hours for 3GB zip.

I logged in to RDC and was able to download the zip to my computer and then upload it via RDC to the other server - however I discovered two files were corrupted during the build process.

Hi Stephen,

How did the file appear to be corrupt?

The build is process is as follows. We make a backup using FileMaker Server Backups. We zip those files into an archive. If the zip completed and unzipped correctly I am not sure how they would have been corrupted. The files should be in the same state they were after the backup completed. Are you sure sure the files weren’t already corrupt before the whole thing started. That seems at least a likely possibility. Did you check?

On Linux today. I ran 6 30GB deployments all without fail earlier today. The longest one took an hour, because it was using a slow Hard drive for a it’s backup drive. The shortest one took about half that.

Doing a data migration on our fast machine took 8 minutes for a 30GB.

Windows is slower than Linux right now. But that should mostly be in the transfer phase. Windows IIS is limiting download speeds.



In this case the build was a “copy” not clones so a bit bigger in size the 14gb file compacted fine but the main file is about 1.2 GB on examination of the decompressed zip the file was only a few hundred MB and filmmaker didn’t recognize the file. There were 6 other files that were fine.

Hi Stephen,

When you downloaded the zip are you sure it was done compressing?


That is un clear but perhaps we still have a data center issue when I did a simple copy from one server to another in the same data center its was over 5 hour estimate time. I just launched a same deploy from a copy for on site server it was < 15m