Need Copy/Clone option

I think this is possible within the build settings, but for a simple deployment I want to be able to choose whether to copy or clone a file when “installing” or “replacing” it on a new server. Since I’m only going to do this once, I don’t want to go through the extra step of making a special build, then deploying the build.

Possible file options:

  • Install/Replace Copy
  • Install/Replace Clone
  • Migrate

Do you mean you want the build package to have two copies of the file? A clone AND a full Copy?


No I was thinking only about the deployment file options. For example, if I want to install the schema but not the data from my production server back to a brand new staging server. In this case, I cannot migrate, but I don’t want to copy the full file, so this would allow the ability to move a clone to a new server

I would like that as well. Especially if you start using the developer tools to also encrypt at destination!