New Server Setup

Have a client ready to setup a new server (linux) coming from on site Mac.

Is there some kind of “r-sync” I could setup to over the course of a ew days get all the container storage seeded on to the new instance, prior to us moving the FM Files.

Or do a one time zip upload then add rsync from that point we do that till we bring over the data files?

Trying to plan on a weekend to stand this up but anything we could do prior to go live date would be ideal.

Hi Stephen,

If your new server is on Ottomatic, ask support about setting you up with SFTP. It is the most reliable way to upload a lot of files to your server. You will still need to bring them down.

If you are on your own servers you could use r-sync or you could use rclone, which is like r-sync and is already installed by OttoFMS. You would still need to have SSH on the receiving side. But you could use rclone to move all the file from the old server to the new server.

Hope that helps