Next OttoFMS version may require a few of you to re-activate


OttoFMS 4.1.1 is almost ready. It has a some fun new things and several bug fixes. But for a few of you, it may require to reactivate your OttoFMS instance. The number is quite small. About 10 people activated their servers using old Otto 3 licenses. This was allowed during the beta period, but we are turning it off for this release.

I emailed each of you that had this issue a little bit ago. So you should have some thing in your inbox from me with more details.

For the rest of you there should be no problems. But if by some chance I missed your email address, and your OttoFMS features stop working check to see if you can log in to OttoFMS. If you get the license entry screen, then you have that issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



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