OCC FMServer Services Buttons

On the FileMaker Server > Services Section all the buttons for the services are the same density of color, for “Start & Stop” shouldn’t there be an indicator of the current state of the service if it is on or off?

I’m old school I think of the visual feedback of my VW Rabbit’s 8 track car radio with in/out buttons :smile:

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Yes there are some issues here. But it is tricky.

For example the FileMaker Data API can be “enabled” but “hung”. So is that on or off? How do you even test if it hung?

These options are not the same options as enabling or disabling. You can have the Data API “enabled”, but still stop it or restart it with these buttons.

This isn’t a status page at this time. We’d like it to be. But right now it is just a simple way for you to run the low level commands that control all these different services.

But we’ll get it there.