OCC keeps loosing connection to servers

The OCC is not sticky enough to keep a connection to the servers when I land on the page would expect an at-glance of the status of all servers without manually doing a health check and a reconnect on each server.

Hi Stephen,

In general we don’t see this disconnect problem. But I can imagine cases that would cause this. Can you be a bit more specific about what you see. It might help us narrow down what is causing the problem for you.

For example the following information would be helpful

Is this all your servers that are doing this, or just some of them?
Is it an on prem servers or is it Ottomatic server?
Is there a particular server that you could Direct Message to us so we can look behind the scenes?



All servers are Ottomtic Severs.
It sticks for about a day or so coming back they may say server is not connected
Some are on 4.1.0 some are 3.6.1

Can you DM me your Org name so I can look in our database to see if these needs some data cleanup?



I will also say we have some fixes in flight that will be making this smoother, reducing the number of steps, etc.

Logged in to console and 5 servers won’t run health check or then display the reconnect.

It would seems these ottoFMS are showing 502 errors they are all on 4.2.2.

Perhaps windows os updates messed Otto?

Hey Stephen,

To clarify, OttoFMS on these 5 servers has a 502 error when you go to the OttoFMS console? Is the OttoFMS process running on the servers? Usually the 502 error shows up if OttoFMS is not running for one reason or another.


That is correct I think I initially noticed it on Sunday at some time I think that is when windows boxes do os updates?

I’m not sure if our hosting team did anything on those servers over the weekend. do you mind submitting a support ticket to them through the cloud console? They can likely provide better information on what might have happened and solve it faster than we can here. Thanks!


sure thing - is one ticket sufficient for all 5 or should i issue a ticket for each server?

1 is probably sufficient for all 5

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