Offsite backup with Backblaze

I have a client that is already on Backblaze and it would be easy to not set up another S3 account for offsite backups.

Backblaze supports S3, however their setup might be a little different than others

e.g. https://{{bucket}}.s3.{{region}}

I have successfully tested the setup using the above url and leaving both bucket name and region blank, however leaving the bucket name blank won’t allow saving the remote storage destination.

Would it be possible if the bucket name was optional, similar to region?

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We could probably do that, but what happens if you just put the same bucket name in the bucket field? Did you try that?

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Yes, I tried

  • entering the bucket name in the relevant field
  • filling the region
  • removing the region from the url but keeping it in the region field

The only thing that passed the test is specifying the whole url.

The error I get is

AccessDenied: not entitled status code: 403

so I guess there is some kind of an issue with the string that gets hashed.

Ok. thanks for checking on that. We’ll take a look at configuring for backblaze. Stay tuned.




So we looked into this and we were able to get it to work. Here are the settings we used.

endpoint: s3.{region}
bucket: {bucketname}
region: {region} <----- same as above in endpoint

So you have to put your region in endpoint and in the “region” field.

We also discovered that you have to give the credential access to all buckets in Backblaze

Please let us know if this works for you



Presumably this is the same for Wasabi?
Can you start a list of configs within the docs?

Not a bad idea John, I’ll start getting something together. We don’t have too many different types of storage here to test on but as people come in with more we can add them.

Hi @toddgeist !

Yes I finally managed to add the offsite backup, thanks.

If you intent to create a documentation as @john_r suggested, note that the master key did not work. I had to create a new key that has access to all buckets in order to work.

Thank you for your support and for the fantastic tool you gifted us

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Here is the page we put together to gather some of the info for common providers.

The Wasabi link is wrong…

Hi John

When I click that link I go to a page which shows me all the service regions for wasabi. It is from Wasabi’s knowledge base. Could you perhaps tell me what is wrong with it?

It looks like this.