Offsite Backups not working after changing location

On one of my servers I changed the Offsite Backup location. After that change the backups do not run.
The local OTTO_OFFSITE backup is working, but nothing is being uploaded to my Bucket.
I removed the Offsite Backup setup, then re-added it and the backup still does not occur.

Hey Nick,

Could you DM me your otto-info.log for the server where the backups are not working? Which version of OttoFMS are you running? Which Operating System is this server?


Hi Nick,

It may be that we aren’t catching the backup folder change properly.

What happens if you restart OttoFMS? That might trigger it to find the right location again

We’ll get to the bottom of this but this might get you a work-a-round in the meantime.



For anyone who comes later, Nick and I worked on this, restarting OttoFMS should fix this issue if you come across it. Nick has working offsites now (woohoo). I’ll make sure that changing the location works better in future versions. Thanks y’all!