OK so this is cool, maybe I just never considered it before

Because of a mindset of push this file from this dev server out to this prod server it was a surprise when I successfully ran a deployment in a version of OttoDeploy which was running on the TO server not the FROM…

So it looks like you can move or update from anywhere to anywhere as long as both servers are running OttoFMS
This fits in the ‘big deal’ category.

Absolutely!! As long as OttoFMS is installed on both servers you can run the deployment from an OttoDeploy file anywhere. This includes the source server or the destination server, as well as an OttoDeploy file hosted in the cloud or running locally on your machine. Since the deployment is run through the OttoFMS API it can be triggered from anywhere that can connect to your destination server via the internet!

Think this a big thing to include in the initial marketing comms…

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