One Stop Undo - please

I pushed an update this morning and realized that I hadn’t selected the new build. This server has 38 sub-migrations containing 76 data/doc files to migrate. As soon as I started the migration, I realized my mistake. I had to wait 20 minutes for the migration to complete.

Then I set out to undo the migration. I had to select UNDO for each of the 38 sub-migrations. A bit tedious and compounded by the migration list being limited to 50 files.

It would be great to have UNDO on the main migration that would undo all 38 in one stroke.


Hi Jeff,

That is a very good point.

The deployment list is about to get some upgrades. We should be able to add an undo all to that as well.

Can you think of anything we could do to make it harder for you to make that mistake in the first place?


One way to make it harder would be to require the release selection every time the deployment is performed.

I can’t think of any reason I would apply the same release, over and over again, to a deployment unless the default build is set to “Build just In Time.”

Maybe a check box next to the Default Build or an item in the list for Prompt each run.


Thanks Jeff. That’s helpful


Hey Jeff,

In version 4.3.0, OttoFMS has the ability to do a full deployment undo instead of a single sub-deployment at a time! Let us know if you have any issues with the new feature.