OnTimer running?

I have my demo file open and was adding a script for testing post-deploy. However, something keeps hijacking the script workspace. Is there an OnTimer running for OttoDeploy? If so, it’s interfering with work in another file. This script appears when I show script debugger.

Hi Barbara,

No there is no on timer script. This is OttoDeploy’s web UI asking for data. It is expected behavior.

I agree it isn’t ideal when you are working in another file, so we will add a button to toggle it off. For now you can just go to layout mode on OttoDeploy, as that will have the same effect.


Version 0.1.0-beta.9 has a new option in the Settings tab to pause running scripts. selecting it will open a modal on OttoDeploy. While the modal is open scripts will be paused. See the docs for more information.

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Could a solution for this issue be if the webviewer performs a request directly to OttoFMS directly rather than having the webviewer perform a FileMaker script to Execute a DataAPI request. I understand that it might be a fair chunk of development work to change the behaviour.

I do think that it is annoying/confusing to have a filemaker script interrupt whatever the user is doing in any other open FileMaker file.

Another option might be to allow users to set a setting to do a http DataAPI request, with them acknowledging that it will consume data from their allocation. I think it would be a relatively small amount data consumption, and is something Im personally would enable.

Otherwise, you effectively can’t use FileMake while OttoDeploy is running a deployment.

Hi Gabe,

Thanks for taking such an interest in what we are doing. So happy you find it interesting. Let me respond to some of your thoughts.

You can pause OttoDeploy’s scripts, if and when you need to.

So you can effectively use FileMaker and even develop in FileMaker when a deployment is running. Just hit pause as documented above after you start the deployment switch to your other file and start developing away. Or just use FileMaker anyway you like.

We thought long and hard about just doing everything in OttoFMS and not having a FileMaker file at all. We put off developing that part of the system until long after OttoFMS was pretty close to done. In fact we didn’t start OttoDeploy until October of last year.

In the end we thought it was important that there be an option for setting up and running Deployments that FileMaker people could have complete control over from a security perspective. The file is unlocked, and you can setup what ever privileges you want on the file.

We also have some customers who are Air-gapped from the internet. They have NO wire’s connecting their networks to the outside world. They can still use FileMaker internally, and they can still use OttoFMS and OttoDeploy.

We cover more of our thoughts on this topic in the Hybrid App section of the docs.

Thanks again,