Otto 4.3.0 encrypton

A question about being able to encrypt a file…

And it relates to Otto deploy, which is encrypted but with your password.
I have of course changed the user:pass to me, but am I able to unencrypt and then add my own encryption key??
And what happens when the Deploy file is updated and is not just a web-refresh but a whole file download?
Is it even worth it??

Yes it will be worth it. But we don’t have all the versions completely lined up yet.

We don’t yet have way for you to enter your custom encryption key we you do the Automatic Update. But once we do that will work just fine.

Right now it will fail because your encryption key is not in our Deployment payload we make for you as part of that update.


Ok so nevermind. Apparently that is already in place. So yes it works now. :slight_smile:

And therefor is worth it. :slight_smile:


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Just to add a little bit more, a future version of OttoFMS will prompt you to change the default OttoDeploy encryption key before installing it on your server for the first time. This is something we wanted to do from the start, but just couldn’t because we didn’t have an automated way to add/remove/change file encryption until FMS 20.3.

Look for even more enhancements related to file encryption because of the new tools that were unlocked for us by Claris!