Otto-cli.exe System Script?

I was setting up a system script and noticed one called Otto-cli.exe

I didn’t see this in the documentation as to what it does or when we’d want to schedule it?

Great question! The Otto CLI is used internally by OttoFMS to trigger functions in Otto from the command line. It’s primarily used by the system when you choose to schedule a deployment for later, since this allows us to leverage the built-in FileMaker scheduler to trigger that deployment and doesn’t require OttoDeploy to be hosted on a specific FileMaker Server to work.

As more functions are added to the CLI, we will add more documentation about it!

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An system script that does an upgrade would be cool we could schedule it to run on the server every X days.

Hey Stephen,

One of our next steps with the autoupdate scripts we’ve been writing is actually to tie them into the cli so that you could run a single command no matter which os you were updating (and possibly even run it from the OttoFMS console).

That would likely add the ability to schedule the upgrade like you’re talking about.


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