OttoDeploy version 1.1.0 released!

Hey y’all,

OttoDeploy version 1.1.0 was just released! This version overhauls a fair bit of the OttoDeploy ui in the servers, builds, and deployments table, as well as the deployment edit screen. You’ll notice the ability to sort, filter, and show/hide columns in the deployments table, pagination to make your deployment list more manageable, and persistent search/sort state when moving around the application or even opening and closing the file. The deployments table also now has the ability to select rows. At the moment this is a tool to help you show which deployments you’ve run or have set up, but we are planning on adding actions to this multi-select coming in the future.

Other highlights of this version include adding concurrency to OttoDeploy, allowing you to run multiple file operations at once in your deployment (requires OttoFMS 4.2.0 on destination server), the ability to select specific parts of a deployment to run (meaning you can run just that one pesky sub-deployment that keeps failing), and new just in time build options when using advanced options. There have also been a variety of bug fixes and ui tweaks, check out the full Changelog for details!

You can upgrade to this version of OttoDeploy directly from the OttoDeploy UI (you may need to check for updates from the settings screen). As always, let us know if you find any issues with the new version, and have fun with the new features!


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