OttoFMS Deployment Checks for Disk Space

Before OttoFMS starts a deployment it checks to see if there is enough space in the FileMaker Server Backup folder, which is the folder that Otto uses to perform most off it’s work.

If your deployment includes Data Migrations, we check to make sure that the 3x the total data being migrated is available. If it isn’t OttoFMS will abort the Deployment immediately before anything even gets going. This 3x cushion prevents OttoFMS from causing your server to run out of space during a Deployment with data migrations.

Here is what that looks like. 3 minute long video.



Is that 3x the size of the whole migration


3x the size of the largest file and 2x the size of the whole migration? Or something not completely 3x the size of the whole migration. Is it possible to set that somewhere yourself?

It is the whole sub-deployment.

And it has to be since we do the entire migration with all the files before we replace the files in the production

It is not currently possible to change it.

We will work to lower it if we can.


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