OttoFMS version 4.3.0 released!

Hey y’all,

OttoFMS version 4.3.0 was just released! This version is our biggest update yet, bringing tons of fixes and new features. hightlights include:

  • The OttoFMS App Log (port of the old Otto feature)
  • aborting running deployment
  • rerunning deployments right from the OttoFMS console
  • encrypting files directly in the OttoFMS console (for FileMaker Server 20.3 and above)
  • restricting OttoFMS access to an IP allowlist
  • new api endpoints for server preferences, listing all deployments, undoing a full deployment, and more
  • new sub-deployment level deployment options for sending Slack notifications and for closing files after the source files have been fetched (coming soon to an OttoDeploy version near you)
  • enhanced build logging (which can now be seen from the deployment details)
  • enhanced build management on the server (no more lost just in time builds!)
  • new columns and features in the databases and clients table
  • files that are used in later sub-deployments are no longer opened at the end of a sub-deployment. This can be used to close files for the full duration of a deployment.

See the Changelog for the full list of updates, its our longest changelog yet!

For instructions on upgrading, check out the Updating OttoFMS docs. As always, let us know if you have any issues getting set up with the new version, and have a great day!




Would it be possible to include the uninstaller in the downloads? I still have some windows machines that just won’t run from the command line. I find myself downloading having to navigate to the existing install to uninstall then back to downloads to install.

Hey Stephen,

I don’t think there is a good way for us to include the uninstaller in the download since we generate the uninstaller when you install onto the server. We are looking into ways to make this better in future version though!


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