OttoFMS works with FileMaker Server 24

Hi everyone,

Just a note to say that OttoFMS works with FileMaker Server 24.

Which is actually version number 21.0.





Yup, works. :slight_smile:
Installed it on the dev server. Do you think it’s OK to deploy still using 20 on the prod server? In Otto 3 this used to be an issue.

Hey Peter,

It should be fine

In the old days of Otto 3 we had to manage the installation and versioning of the DataMigration Tool. That made things a bit tricky to mix versions. But we don’t have to worry about that any more.



Morning Todd,
That’s great to read. It allows us again to use dev as a testing environment for new versions, and not take any risks with those on prod.
Have an excellent weekend — peter