Permissions between servers

I tried to do a test migration from dev to test server on a single file.

I have a root password for the dev server and the same root password in the test server for the file in question.

I want to do the migration with the option to use the accounts from the source server.

I don’t know if Otto is preserving or using the correct credentials?

Command failed with exit code 11: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\FMDataMigration.exe -src_path C:\Data\dbs\AddressLookup.fmp12 -src_account admin -src_pwd *** -clone_path F:\Data\Backups\OttoFMS\inbox\march13\AddressLookup.fmp12 -clone_account admin -clone_pwd *** -target_path F:\Data\Backups\OttoFMS\inbox\march13\AddressLookup_otto_migrated.fmp12 -ignore_accounts -force Couldn’t reopen the target file because “(212): Invalid account/password.”
Target: F:\Data\Backups\OttoFMS\inbox\march13\AddressLookup_otto_migrated.fmp12

Trying again with more files after the first one errors I now see

Couldn’t open the source file because “(803): File already open but single user [extended error (20402): File permission problem].”
Source: C:\Data\dbs\Dashboard.fmp12

on subsequent

So I just deleted the builds and the deployments reset them up and not I seem to be migrating on test - fingers crossed.

Hi Stephen

803): File already open but single user [extended error (20402): File permission problem].”

Means the files were opened by FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro, when the migration was attempted.


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