Preference to change default directory on all deployments

All my servers are hosted on It has been my experience that all servers are set to put all databases in the additional path

Additional Database Folder 1 Path: filewin:/C:/Data/dbs/

I would imagine this would be true for all ottomatic customers, if we could get an option to set this once and forget for all deployments that would be great. I never want files to end up in the default FMS path. Perhaps some self-discovery during setup or installation would change the default to the alternative path.

When I deployed OttoDeploy it put the file in the default FMS path.

Do you envision this as a setting in OttoDeploy that would let you set some of the file options for new deployments automatically?

For the initial OttoDeploy deploy, I agree that we should probably add an option for which folder to save the file to during the deployment. I’ll work on that for OttoDeploy and SimpleQ in the coming weeks

in v3 I was able to set auto create of the migration and set it to the Folder1, never having to worry about files landing in the fms folder. Would envision some installation setup prompt where this is set or even based on the existence of Additional Folders in use and suggest this for all deployments.