Problem with the Data API key (proxy)

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Been an Otto user for a couple years. Love it. Trying out the Data API proxy, long-lived key feature. I’ve created the key in OttoFMS and can use it to call my database from Paw or using a cURL call in FileMaker. As long as I continue making calls, it works perfectly.

If I wait >15 minutes from the last call, the next attempt will hang and time out. However, the very next call fires and is successful. In other words, it’s behaving as though it needs to fetch a new key (like the regular Data API), but in this case it’s the same key in OttoFMS and in the auth header.

OttoFMS 4.1.1. The log records a 952 error when this happens.

I’ve tried the obvious step of deleting and creating a new long lived token, but I’m seeing the same behavior.


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The first thing I would do is upgrade to the latest version of OttoFMS. It is very easy to do with the install scripts.

I am not sure if that will fix it but it might.

In the mean time I will test the behavior as well.





Here is what I just did.

  1. I created an apiKey
  2. I used that to make request
  3. waited 16 minutes
  4. made the same request.

This all worked fine.

Did I get close to the same set of steps you used? Or did I miss something?


Hi Todd - We are consistently experiencing the same issue after upgrading to OttoFMS. If we continuously use the API key, we don’t see to run into issues but once the 15 minute time happens, our proxy API call hangs indefinitely and we never receive that record creation within our DB.

I attached a screenshot of the first request which times out then re-initiating that same request successfully.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I made a video of this happening I can share if you’d like. Also happy to jump on Zoom if that helps diagnose.

Hi Anthony,

Can you confirm that you are on the latest version of OttoFMS?
and what operating system are you using?


Hey Todd - Yes, updated OttoFMS first thing after experiencing it.

FileMaker Server Version: 20.3.2 205(01-24-2024)
OttoFMS Version: 4.3.1
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter (EC2 instance)

Hi :slight_smile:

We were able to duplicate and fix this error. Shipping a new version later today (hopefully)

Thanks for your patience



Hey y’all,

The issue with the data API token refresh has been fixed in OttoFMS version 4.3.2. Let me know if you have any issues going forward!


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Thanks for fixing this. I’m hosted on, how should I go about updating? Or is that something I need to request instead, since it’s managed?

You can put in a support ticket for your server through or you can send an email to with a request to upgrade OttoFMS. The hosting team will take care of it from there!