Q. How do you change the OttoDeploy Encryption Key if you cant download and re-upload

@john_r asks

Q After installing OttoDeploy, How do you change the Encryption Key if you cant download and re-upload?

A. Right now you will need to download, and re-upload the file. Which can be done through OttoFMS. You can download copies and clones, and you can upload them as well. See

In the very near future, we will add support for changing your encryption key on the fly if you are running FileMaker Server 20.3.1 or higher.

Does that answer your question @john_r ?


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Closed file, downloaded.
When I opened it locally it was trying to to create a new file called OttoDeploy Converted.fmp12 as it does not appear to be a valid FMP file
its only 125 bytes
and contains
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir ‘/opt/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/OTTO_OttoDeploy.fmp12_3BCaD/’

Well that may be a regression. Are you on Linux? And what version of FMS?


Yes ARM 22.04
and tbf running the latest ETS v on it from two days ago.

as it DEFINITELY not a production server!! :grinning:

This is caused by that goofy new “Preserve” all backups feature. I think we have already fixed it for the next release.


I just checked. I fixed this problem over the weekend. We will role out a new release beta 15 soon.