Question about OttoReceiver script

Just downloaded and installed add-on. Nice

in the receiver script it says

create a branch for each channel you want to handle
so that’s and If the channel = something
call a script to handle the payload.

Is there any reason you could not put the action your want to happen direct in the script, rather than calling another one? or is it just for good practise?

The webhook is connecting with Test and returning whatever is put as the exit result, but I have a script where I have done the steps direct and its not appearing to fire…
OR are there things that it can’t do? Like call OData in another file for example???

Hi John

You can do it how ever you like. The subscript is not necessary.

The Otto Receiver script is only limited by what Data API Script Engine can do. So I don’t see why it couldn’t call the oData endpoint via insert from URL.

And you probably want to exit as fast as you can. Webooks are supposed to be quick. If you have a long running process you will need to pass it off to a PSOS script or use something like SimpleQ that handles all that for you.

Does that help?



done a bunch of testing around this, and by using the SupportNestedPSOS in the ClarisConfig.json and doing the other stuff (which wants that much but must have been causing some timeout) in a PSOS with wait off… as ever, you are right!! Was keen not to use the SQ method of a script running multiple times just to process records (pref, I know)

Client was impressed today when someone submitted a JotForm and the data organised itself into a new record in their new FM file…

The Webhook thingy does a make a good demo doesn’t it ?

Thanks for the update John