Question about refresh

I want to upload a file.
I realise that I need a new folder for it to go in to, so I go and make the folder and change permissions
When I come back to Otto and try to upload it can’t yet see the new subfolder

What would be the best way to force it to re-read the folder structure?
Is there an expectation that it would just happen over time?

  • I do appreciate that I could use the interface to Create my folder for me :grinning:

Hi John,

Thanks for the question! In this case we are not refreshing the folder information until you reload the webpage.

Generally most of the data we pull from outside sources can be refreshed by reloading the page if we do not have a discrete way to refresh it, although some data will refresh every few seconds or when you come back to the tab after being away for a bit (the databases and clients refresh every few seconds like this).

Would you prefer if there was a refresh button for the folders in the upload modal?


Not sure it needs a button, if the answer is -refresh your browser it’s not going to make you log in again or lose state - then that will suffice
Will test this next time I have a chance, it obviously just caught me out!
Also feels like to possibility of an example in the docs(??)

Refreshing your browser would likely cause you to lose state (which files were selected to be uploaded, etc), but I’m also not keen on a putting a button there to refresh the folders since it seems like an anti-pattern to me. I expect most OttoFMS users don’t have root access to their server (or at least, aren’t server management experts), so why would they go create a folder in the file system rather than use the UI?

@john_r Would it help if it was made more clear that you could use the interface to create the folder?

but refreshing won’t cause you to log out. It would just mean you have to reselect your files.


@eric.luce I think so… sample workflows in the docs, as Otto is now about so much more than just deploying new code and making the update tool run automatically!

now maybe I missed it, or I need to learn a new pattern when using Otto. Accept your point about the root access thing - which for many users is a really good thing, especially on Linux where they are rabbit in headlights because of the whole command line thing!!

Agree, no button…

I love the idea of a template file on a server somewhere, and you just say let me have it here, but rename it at the same time. Did that last night, and it is going to change the way I work…

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And just had an idea, this is now a way to rename a file on a server, without admin console or CLI stuff… Install from ‘here’ to ‘here’ but with this file name…

Hey John,

Are you talking about changing the filename during a deployment or during an upload via the console? Deployments can change the file name during install currently. We also have changing the filename during upload currently on our list as a future feature.

Let me know if I didn’t understand your suggestion!


Was more of a thinking out loud… it’s the fact that Otto can do things that can’t be done (simply) any other way…

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