Register Webhook using the OttoFMS API

I currently use the Create a Data API endpoint which has been useful to create api keys for different users for access control. I have considered using webhooks instead of the Data API for a fm GO syncing solution and it would be helpful to be able to create different webhook urls for each user via the OttoFMS API.

Hello Alo :slight_smile:

If you only need to send data to FileMaker than webhooks will work just fine. If you want to get data from FileMaker, you can, but it is trickier and you will still need to use a post since Webhooks only accept POST Requests.

Getting data is usually a little easier with the data api

If you turn on Auto Register webhooks, than the webhooks will be automatically created when they arrive.

So you don’t need to pre-create the webhooks. Just send a different one for each user and ottoFMS will accept it.

However I think you don’t gain much from that. You might as well just add a key to your Payload that has the user id or user name, and use that in your processing script.

Does that help?



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Hi Todd,

This is super helpful. I typically pre-create my webhooks and I should test the auto-register feature. I have also considered sending the username as part of the payload. I will be testing these methods to see what works best. Thanks for your advice!


If you are using a unique API key for each user, then the auto-register feature will work great, since you must pass a Data API key with each webhook call anyway and FileMaker will use the credentials behind that API key to create the corresponding record and run any scripts

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Auto-registering webhooks has been working well for me - I love this feature!