Remote Storage Setup

If you add the wrong Endpoint and press the test before continuing button it just kept spinning and didn’t timeout.
Otto 3 didn’t require an Endpoint. I copied the placeholder text and used my region.

How do you specify when the upload to s3 Sync runs?
Is there a ‘Run Now’ option like v3 had to push the backup to s3?

The ‘Learn more…’ about Include External Container Data doesn’t work.

Hi Andrew,

I see the same error for having an invalid endpoint, I’ll add that to our list of bugs to tackle.

You can specify when the upload occurs using the FileMaker Schedule that gets created! It can be edited from the FMS Admin Console. More details about this in the docs

Currently there is no “Run Now” button in OttoFMS, but you can also run the schedule now from the FMS Admin Console!

I’ve got a note down about the link not doing anything, that will be fixed in a future OttoFMS version.


A note about Otto v3 not requiring an endpoint: Otto v3 defaulted an endpoint for Amazon S3 storage, whereas OttoFMS allows you to use any s3 storage provider out of the box without having to set any environment variables.