[Request] Minor UI Request - Black Theme

Hopefully this is a quick addition to OttoFMS. is it possible to have a black colour added to the list of selectable colours for OttoFMS Page? We have a client whose branding is black. We colour the dev/staging/prod systems accordingly so would like to keep OttoFMS the same colour as the production solution, and server machines wallpaper colour.

Hello :slight_smile:

Yes, we could quickly add the black as an option. But then Dark Mode looks really really really bad for that color. You could say fine, we don’t use Dark Mode. But still we will have put an option into the color picker that is really really bad, and everyone will see it.

YUCK. :face_vomiting:

What we maybe could do it put a color picker in that would let you choose what ever color you want. And if you want to make a color choice that looks bad, that is your choice and since it would only be on your server that would be better in my opinion.

The second option is tougher to do. But I think we can still do it.

We will take a look

Thanks for the suggestion