Reverse Migration

Hopefully this is a stupid question with an easy answer ( but thankfully I caught myself before I did the exact opposite of what I want to do). So, I have successfully Migrated Schema from a staging server to Production, and had it all come out perfect. I then manually copied those new production files back to staging so that staging would be all up to date.

But wait…Now I’m being asked to take the DATA on Production and migrated it into the Files on Staging.

Then I realized that this is not what OttoDeploy/FMS works. I also realized that I can probably address this by creating a build or some such.

So what’s the best way to do that?

Hi Fred,

I believe you’re looking for the Refresh Staging guide from our docs. Check out the video posted on that page for an example, as well as the other deployment patterns listed there.

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Yep that was exactly what I was looking for, and kind of what I was thinking. The problem is that there are people above me in my office, who didn’t understand how OttoFMS couldn’t do that kind of process as easy as doing it the other way. Also, at least I didn’t do a reverse migration that then blew everything up.

In this case, I’ll need to do a single server migration. A new thing for me, I’ll name our cleaned staging files something different, and place copies of the data files on staging. Yay.