Setting File Visibility when Deploying a File

The scenario we have is we are deploying using a dev file that is on the same server as production file. The customer would like the Dev file hidden so users don’t attempt to log into it, but they want the Production file visible. Currently when we deploy the “hidden” Dev file the updated production file becomes hidden because that’s the setting of the Dev file.

Is there a way to change the file visibility automatically when deploying a file. Either via otto or some sort of scripting?

Mac or Windows?
The options are obviously buried in the sharing menu, but I sense a Mac opportunity for some AppleScript, which could then be run in a post-migration script??

A post migration script step won’t work. It runs on the server, so no AppleScript. And Set Multi-User Script step doesn’t work on the server. So no post migration script help here.

I can think of two ways to solve this.

  1. Set the server to only show accounts that the user has access to. Then use different accounts in Dev vs prod. OttoFMS will handle keeping the accounts sorted.
  2. Hide both dev and prod, then use a launcher file, that does nothing but launch Prod and close.

What do you think?

Will that work


Good point, well made…

We tried filtering to only show accounts users have access to but got push back on having to enter a password just to see their files. I think the Opener file is the way to go as that will be most like what people are used to.

Yes the password thing is kind of annoying. A launcher is a nice simple solution. And you can close it as part of a deployment with the Close additional files options, so nobody can launch during the deployment.


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We deal with this with a couple of clients as well. They have enough users that are the same in both files, that they want the dev file hidden, so they are more intentional about going into it for testing. But they are also familiar enough with FileMaker that they want to be able to go into show Hosts… and see the production file.

Another client has some users that only have access via temporary Remote Desktop sessions. The users have no permanently saved files, so a launcher won’t work. They also don’t even have permanent FileMaker preferences, so they can’t even save “favorites” or recent files in FM.

So we just have to remember to change that setting after a deployment, or we’ll hear from the client when those users can’t find the file.

Wish there was a better solution, but it’s going to have to be a new feature from Claris to make it happen, I suspect. I was going to go add it to the ideas page, but they have idea submission turned off right now.