Setting up WooCommerce webhook with Secret Key

I’m attempting to setup a webhook from WooCommerce to SimpleQ. Whenever I test the webhook outside of woocommerce it works properly. From inside woocommerce it does not work. Otto4, reports the error: “error UnauthorizedError: second request Unauthorized - {“service”:“express-error-handler”}”

I think it might have to do with woocommerce requiring me to use a secret key in the payload to create a hash of the payload and SimpleQ / Otto not knowing how to handle a payload with a secret key.

Any thoughts on how to resolve the issue would be appreciated.

Hi Patrick,

That second request Unauthorized error, means that the API Key you used was not able to refresh the access token. Could you have changed the user name and password for SimpleQ? Or, possibly the PrivilegeSet?

I would try creating a new API Key for SimpleQ and use that with your Webhook instead.

Another thing that can help diagnose these issues is the otto-receiver.log. You can find that as one of the logs available in the Log viewer.

Let us know what you find out.



Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn’t changed any passwords but deleting the existing API key and creating a new one resolved the issue.

Thanks for the update

Have a great weekend