SimpleQ - Test for Otto fails on OttoFMS v4.2.x

Using SimpleQ 1.3.2 (latest available from GitHub) on OttoFMS v4.2.x, and unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t seem to work? When I try to ‘Test for Otto’ on the Configure screen, it always fails, despite me trying port 3030 (which was the old port) and 443 (which I believe is the new port)

Am I missing something here? I thought that Otto web hooks should be sent to port 443 now? Or is still 3030?

Hi James,

Sorry, SimpleQ needs an update for the config screen stuff. We need to just pull it out because you really don’t need it with OttoFMS. The configuration and testing of WebHooks can all be done in OttoFMS now.

Check out these docs.

Let us know if that answers your questions