Specific file fails install/replace - resulting small file size and "not a FileMaker Pro database"

I used “Replace” to transfer a dozen files from one server to another. FMS emailed me a notification of error 240:

Database “NameOfFile.fmp12” could not be opened: not a FileMaker Pro database.

The file on the origin was 276.8MB plus 115.1MB in external secure containers. At the destination, the file was only 74KB.

I retried the deployment with that file alone and the same occurred. I then removed the file from the destination using the FMS admin console and retried with Install. Same problem.

Looking at the deployment in OttoFMS I see in the “summary of each phase” section, an error: “The following files where not able open; NameOfFile.fmp12, their encryption keys may be incorrect.”

This is the only file I have with external container storage. The file is not encrypted with EAR.

Hi Jason,

I think the issue Secure external Container Storage

The file on the origin was 276.8MB plus 115.1MB in external secure containers.

I am going to have to look into this some more as I am not sure what happens when you run an ad-hoc backup on a file with secure external containers. With unsecure external storage the external containers are brought into the file, and that works fine. But I think that could be an issue with encrypted files. It seems like that would allow some one with the ability to run backup the ability to get around the secure storage. That may just bork the file.

I’ll do some testing.

Thanks for reporting.


What normally happens when you run a backup ( from a schedule) that the file is backed up and also all the external files (in the RC_DATA) folder - making links if the file has not changed
I usually zip the whole folder to then copy off to Wasabi - along the way all the links are converted to real files in the zip. I have a customer with 18GB of Pdf files in secure so rather unsurprisingly the zip process takes really quite a long time…!

Hi Jason,

I have found the issue. Install/Replace files with external containers is not working with the latest release. It will be fixed in the next release, which will ship early next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks again for reporting it.


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Hello Jason,

This fix was included as part of 4.2.3 which just released. Thank you for the report!