Stats-O-Rama - Beautiful Beta

Kyle & Team I am liking this direction of the density of stats in the OCC well done.

One thing that did come to mind that would be a nice to have is from the main landing page of all servers the inclusion of both expiration dates for FileMaker & SSL. Perhaps too an option to dispatch a email for server with some cadence as the dates approaches.

In addition adding an indicator if either FMS or OttoFMS has an available update. (could also be included in the dashboard)

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perhaps too floating up what installed plugins (w/version/enabled/disabled) would be handy.

Hey Stephen,

I’m glad you’re enjoying it!, and thanks for the suggestion! We’re planning on adding an indicator that shows when OttoFMS has an upgrade, we can look into getting one for FMS as well. Adding a column for the ssl expiration date or the filemaker cert expiration date should be possible as well, I’ll add it to our list to look into.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or find any bugs!


Not sure if you ever played with a HomeBridge interface the dashboard kind of reminds me of that.

I could see that some would enjoy to re-arrange or hide some of the info cards / widgets.

FMS expiry is there @OceanWest

There is some balance between at a glance dashboard info and everything that the admin API can return. I am already using Mike Duncan’s tool to do actual management (although I have hacked it a bit)

The visualisation of things that are otherwise just numbers is very helpful in that respect

Can the enabled pill for DAPI not be right aligned please
the way mine has reflowed had this full screen width and the indicator is MILES away…!

If you are getting the disk stats from somewhere, is it FMS?? or sys query?
If the latter, how about grabbing swap file size?? This would be a helpful addition to see that this IS enabled…

Hey John,

I’ll take a look at getting that DAPI pill sorted. As for the disk stats, they are coming from FMS. We are planning on working out a way to get disk stats for all of the applicable disks (backup disk, swap files, etc), but it will require some functionality on OttoFMS and on OCC. It is in the works!


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Is there some way to ‘know’ or give me an option to have dates in a format I understand??
This is not much use to me…
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 20.36.58

We are getting it from FMS right now. But we have plans to change that. We want to show all the disks you are using with FMS. Swap file could also be useful. We’ll see about adding that one.


A reasonable request… We should change that to 2025-02-25.


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I really love the fact that because I have done the admin console auth with OCC I can quickly step over servers to see some dashboard-y type stuff in a way that is REALLY quick…
Particularly for those servers with complex passwords I have to look up each and every time!!


Filters not quite working as I expect
I start typing for ‘London’ and by the time I get to 4 characters it has found 4 out of the 10, but really it should only be 2.

Also if you have a filtered list and hide the filters it could do with a show all/ clear all button at that top level rather than having to show filters, then deselect each one???

I wonder if there is a bit of data hidden that “london” in it. We will look into it.



I think this is similar to something we saw in OttoDeploy. The default sorting method for our table uses fuzzy matching, its probably matching on engLAND with the lond.


OK, makes sense, I think I though that because of the highlighting that was somehow not working properly…

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