Status of Creating a Build

I started creating a build (copy) and it of course starts with the spinner.

There is no progress I realize, but there is also no indication on ottoFMS that a build is taking place.

I put the window on the other monitor and kind of forgot about it cause I knew it would take a while.

I closed FileMaker - so did it kill the build? I looked at the outbox and it’s still I think zipping the first file.

Is there a way to know if it’s still running or do I need to restart ottoFMS?

All good points. We will get to them soon. Sorry

Closing FileMaker did not kill the build.

You can get the status in a few different ways.

You can look in the otto-info.log. It will have an entry for when the build is complete.

You can just look in the outbox. You will see the build folder. In the build folder there is manifest.json file. The contents of that file will tell you if it is done or not.

You can also use the API.

Hope that helps



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Awesome, was going to add new post for an idea will just add it here.

I think I would be handy when you started a Deployment that ottoDeploy would notify each server and a message indicating that for the source server a build is proceeding and pending deployment to the target.

perhaps a link to toggle between servers when one is running.