Stay Closed Option after migration

In a major migration that we do, It would be nice if the files did not open up when done. Ok, they could open up and then close if needs be, but there are several other manual steps that need to be addressed by developers post the migration. So Staying closed would be a nice option to have.

Related: with 55 files to be close it would be great to have a button that just selects all the other files. A close all button.

Also, it would be great if there was an Open All when done option. I observed that if I select to close all those additional files, they don’t come back on automatically. (not that we want to do that with this set)

Hello Fred,

Thanks for the feedback!! For files to keep closed after a deployment, would you want to specify the files to keep closed, or would it just be all of the files in the deployment?

I’ve added a close all button to our list for OttoDeploy, its a great idea.

Are the files that are not reopening after your deployment runs encrypted? OttoDeploy does not currently handle adding encryption keys for files so that they can be reopened at the end of a deployment if they are encrypted. I’ve added that functionality to our list as well.


For the basic don’t open option. Just all the files. That way there is no risk of some user inadvertently logging into a file that just came on line (because that never happens…)

Yes we are dealing with encrypted files.

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A related question (and maybe a feature request?).
Can I close the files first then run a migration?

May be dumb question, but I can really use that tomorrow.


You can close the files manually first. OttoFMS will just notice they are all closed and continue on.


Hey Fred,

The option to keep files closed at the end of a deployment is in OttoFMS version 4.3.2, it will be in the next version of OttoDeploy. If you’d like to use it before that release you can set up a deployment in OttoDeploy and then copy the deployment JSON, add the “deployments.0.options.keepFilesClosedAfterComplete” key (set to true), and kick off the deployment using postman or another method of sending http requests. I’ll keep you updated on the OttoDeploy progress!


Hey Fred,

The option to keep files closed has been added to OttoDeploy in version 1.2.2. This version also adds a select all option to the “Close Additional Files” select input. Let me know if you have any issues with the new features!