Stupid Question - How to get started?

This looks very cool. I downloaded the Application but how do I get data into it? I feel like I’m missing something simple, but I can’t see to figure it out. I do also own FMPerception.

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I figured it out. Go to layout mode select All or some objects and click the paste button in FMLayoutLens.

The issue is that I think the first layout I picked had too many objects. I picked the most complex layout I have and when I paste it nothing ever shows up. If I use a less complex layout it works.


My apologies for the slow reply. Yes, you are correct. Copy layout objects from FileMaker, and then paste them into FMLayoutLens. The Paste button is there if you’re a mouse-driven user. The keyboard shortcut for paste should also work.

FMLayoutLens should be able to handle fairly complex layouts, but you can definitely kill it with too many objects. Selecting just a portion of the layout is the best option in those cases.

Thanks for checking it out!