Sub-Deployment Default Options

This may be entirely confusion on my part let me set the stage:

Started a sub set the default file options, added files (all files from build) about 10

Duplicated the sub then removed 5 files from the subA and removed 5 files in subB
(as it’s easier to destroy then it is to create)

Sub A
file1 … file5

Sub B
file6 … file10

One file I needed a File Override. But I was perplexed because the source showed the credentials but the destination was blank.

Visually what would help here is each file should mirror what was set in the file Options and then some flag or icon next to the override.

Also when you go back to the main list the “edit” button should be another color when a particular file has an override.

Speaking of going back to the main list I hit esc thinking it would be the cancel button but that pulls out a side bar from the right explaining the migration operations.

One other piece of info regarding files would be MB or GB of the file being migrated or copied. It would help in organizing sub deployments. Or knowing I can go get dinner. :smiley:

Hey Stephen,

For the file override point, you’re asking for more feedback on when things are different, yes? At the moment we do show a different color on the main list if you have entered something in the file overrides, but we do not check for if those values are different.

The escape button opening that drawer is interesting, I’ll look into that.

As for th size of the files, we could probably get some information on that. We would need the file sizes from different places depending on the file operation, but we could manage that. I’ll add it to the list.